Natural beauty has captured the hearts of skincare lovers, and Eleven Obi, the enfant terrible of national natural cosmetics, has emerged as one of the strongest options in this journey towards authenticity and sustainability. The brand has captured the attention of the trade press, receiving praise for its innovative approach and commitment to ingredient purity.

Recognition of the specialized garment

From the pages of beauty magazines to beauty blogs, Eleven Obi has been praised for its commitment to natural formulas, yielding remarkable results. Magazines like Vanity Fair praise our products, and even national newspapers like La Razón have made reference to our creams.

Stellar collaborations

The recognition of Eleven Obi does not stop at magazines, but the brand has collaborated with beauty experts such as Elena Bustos and has participated in such important events as Biocultura Madrid.

Personalities who love Eleven Obi

Social media has witnessed the rapid rise of Eleven Obi, and multitudes of influencers have shared their love for the brand’s products. On Instagram, Eleven Obi has conquered hearts, and has also been featured on numerous platforms. Professionals such as Amalia Panea, journalist at Elle Spain and Women’s Health or highly recognized users such as S.M. Queen Letizia has consolidated Eleven Obi as a cult brand and has caused numerous media outlets to echo it, highlighting the predilection of H.M. for our natural products.

Industry recognition

Not only has it been acclaimed by the press and influencers, but Eleven Obi has also been recognized by the industry in general. Our products have been awarded in both national and international competitions, such as the Organic Clean Awards or the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards.

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