Normally, we associate the use of sunscreen with summer, heat, and the beach. However, numerous studies reveal that its use remains equally important during the winter months. It’s time for everyone to be convinced that the best anti-wrinkle treatment is sunscreen. Yes, you read that right!

Why do we think it’s unnecessary to use sunscreen in winter?

Most people have believed that sunscreen only serves as a barrier against ultraviolet rays, and since these rays are more intense in summer, that’s when they penetrate our skin. It is true that due to the sun’s position in winter, ultraviolet rays are lower than in summer, resulting in a lower risk of melanoma due to sun exposure. However, this is not the only thing we should be concerned about.

For example, engaging in activities such as mountaineering, hiking, or skiing involves high solar radiation. In these cases, sunscreen use should be intensified, and it should be complemented with accessories like hats or ear protection to block exposure.

The close relationship between sunscreen and wrinkles

If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin, using sunscreen should be a mantra throughout the year. The reason is that it is scientifically proven that daily environmental exposure leads to skin photoaging. And since we cover our bodies in winter, the exposed skin is usually on the face.

The filters in sunscreen act by blocking UV radiation, preventing them from penetrating our skin and causing wrinkles, spots, and sagging.

Equally important is protecting oneself from the so-called “blue light,” the light emitted by screens, as the combination of sunlight and blue light has recently been linked to the appearance of facial spots and melasma.

What sunscreen should we use in winter?

When choosing sunscreen, there are numerous options on the market based on the following factors:

  • Sun protection factor (SPF): It is recommended to use at least SPF 30.
  • Skin type: Depending on your skin type, you should use a cream that is more oily, lighter, with special components that do not irritate…
  • Color

For us, just as important as the above is choosing a paraben-free cream, like our Pearlescent Eco Protect Sun & Age Shield SPF30, which also moisturizes and reduces signs of aging. As mentioned in this article, parabens are part of the chemical compounds present in many sunscreens.

Now that you know the importance of using sunscreen in winter, we hope you become aware of it daily.

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