Gone are the days of matte and dull skin; nowadays, the trend is called Glow Skin. And this is not just about a shiny appearance, but rather skin that radiates vitality, a healthy, hydrated, and luminous complexion. In today’s post, we’ll share the tricks to achieve radiant skin.

Caring for Luminous Skin

According to experts, the best-kept secret of Glow Skin is taking care of the skin externally with products that provide hydration and luminosity. And for this, gel-cream textures are the most appreciated.

The routine should always start with a deep cleansing of the skin. Double cleansing, or even triple cleansing, will prepare the skin for the products applied afterward. In this first step, our Fabulous Cleansing Gel is perfect as it removes impurities while protecting the skin’s balance.

Following this, we’ll apply a toner, such as our Hydrating Fresh Face Toner, which rebalances the skin after cleansing.

Hydration begins by applying the serum most suitable for our skin. In this case, we recommend the Ultra Advanced Antioxidant Serum, containing vitamin C and perfect for evening out the skin tone.

Finally, as the last step, we’ll apply moisturizer. We recommend the Yuzu Moisture Lock Recovery Lotion, which, combined with Pearlescent Eco Protec Sun & Age Shield SPF50, will give you the skin of the moment.

Taking Care from the Inside, Essential for Radiant Skin

Beauty starts from within, and the health of your skin also depends on your daily habits.

It’s important to include antioxidant-rich foods, vitamins, and essential fatty acids in your diet. This way, you’ll nourish your skin from the inside.

Furthermore, maintaining healthy sleep habits and keeping stress levels in check are vital.

Lastly, achieving the coveted Glow Skin is not a one-day affair. Maintain a consistent routine and be patient; only then will the products you use take effect gradually.

Glow Skin is not just a trendy look; it’s the reflection of well-cared-for and healthy skin. Therefore, with a proper skincare routine and healthy lifestyle habits, you’ll shine like never before.

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